Best SDI Field Monitor Manufacturer in China: Your Wholesale Exporter and OEM Supplier

Quanzhou Neway Industrial Limited is a trusted wholesale manufacturer and supplier of electronic display products used in various industries such as filmmaking or photography. Their latest product, the SDI Field Monitor, takes your video shooting experience to the next level.

The SDI Field Monitor is a compact, portable, and high-quality display device that allows you to view and adjust the video on the go with ease. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, the monitor lets you customize and calibrate various settings such as color, contrast, and brightness.

As a wholesale manufacturer and supplier, Quanzhou Neway Industrial Limited delivers the SDI Field Monitor at an affordable price without compromising on quality. Their factory production ensures a steady supply of these monitors to meet the demands of their customers.

Whether you are a professional photographer or filmmaker, the SDI Field Monitor by Quanzhou Neway Industrial Limited is an essential device that will help you capture breathtaking visuals with greater precision and ease.
  • The SDI field monitor is an essential tool for professional videographers and filmmakers. With its high-resolution display and reliable connection capabilities, this monitor provides a clear and accurate view of your footage as you shoot on location. This compact and portable monitor is designed to be used in the field, providing a perfect solution for monitoring live feeds or reviewing recorded footage. It features an SDI input, ensuring a stable and reliable connection to your camera or recording device. Equipped with advanced monitoring tools such as waveform, vectorscope, and histogram, this field monitor allows you to accurately monitor colors and exposure levels. Its 1920 x 1080 resolution display provides a crisp and clear picture, allowing you to easily check focus and framing on the go. With its rugged and durable design, this SDI field monitor can withstand the rigors of outdoor shooting and harsh environments. It is lightweight and easy to mount, making it the perfect on-the-go solution for capturing stunning footage. Whether you're filming on location or in the studio, the SDI field monitor provides the essential tools and features needed for professional-grade monitoring. It's the perfect addition to any professional videographer or filmmaker's toolkit.
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